Molly's Dream

What dream does molly have?:

Molly's dream is to be free, and not to be a slave. Just to be free. Now her mother have passed away. So there father is working very hard, but they are very poor. So he had to ask Molly and Willie to go to America to work there. But molly didn't want to go. But if she worked hard there and earn alot of money, she will be able to come back to her own land and be free.

What will she need to do to make her dream come true?:

She will have to try really hard to find a job and earn money for her family to live. Then good things will go back to her, so she will be free. And her family won't be very poor anymore. And they wouldn't have to move to other places to find a better job ,and a better living. Just one moment,molly will have to go through the hard feelings. Then they will have a happy life. They can stay with there family all the time. They won't have to ask there young kids to go to other countrys and work there to earn there money . And they won't be slaves or servants. I think those people who work hard for there family,always deserves something good. You can do anything if you believe yourself that you can do it. And remember god is always with you.

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