Essential Questions

1. Why do people move?

Some people move , because they are poor. So they go to different kind of places to find better shelters, and food for there living. But sometimes even they move to other places, they can't
find good shelters for them self. But for them to move they will also have to pay money for the trip. If they move it will also be better education for them. But sometimes for little children it is not that easy to move and travel to places. I think the people who move will have a very good living. If they were used as slaves , and if they move I think they will have freedom. And feel like they are free from the world.

2. What do we do when other people don't think,act,or speak the same we do?

Some people might not want to learn how to speak and communicate to each other. But others might want to learn how to speak, so they can communicate to others. So it depends on the person. Everybody thinks a different way. Some might wan to think hard for things they do, but some might not want to think so hard. But they are both not really wrong if they can do the thing at the end. when people act they have to first think but some might not be able to think. So sometimes they can move to other places to learn more faster.

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