I learned that we all couldn't trade for water. Because a lot of people needed a huge amount of water for their group.

We all have to move, sometimes because we don't have enough water, so we have to move to a place near the lakes. Or maybe, because there is danger at the place we are. This helped me understand better about the essential question. It was easy to understand when we really tried it out, and when we really had to move in the winter, and when we didn't have enough water.

This also helped me understand the essential question, What do we do if people can't act speak or talk the same way we do. I learned that there are a lot of people that can not communicate with each other because they don't speak the same language as each other.

The journey entries helped me to understand the character better. Because, when we wrote about it, you use your imagination and try to make you're character based on you're occupation. So when you keep on writing you can get a better picture of you're character in you're head. And you will understand you're character better. What they do, what they are, and all other kinds of information. Because, then it is you who is the character, so you know a lot about it.

The best part of my presentation was when we really got to act out who we were and show them what these people do. But I think I can improve on, speaking louder, and being confident in front of people. And to really act out you're character.

The biggest learning I gained from this unit, is that water was very important for us. And we can't live in the same place, without moving to other shelter's . It is not easy to live peacefully. In that days it was also hard to get water. They had to carry heavy buckets of water, and deliver them to their homes.