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Norika's Journey to the New World

Hi I am a Cabinet Maker. I make lots of fine furniture's with wood,and I use a lot of hand tools. I am going to the New World. I am very excited, but also a little worried, but if we go to the new world, we will have a totally different life, and we can have a better life. But it doesn't mean that everything is going to go well. But at least I can earn more money for are occupation. I will hopefully have enough supplies for are journey. But if I go I might be homesick, and may not have enough food each day to build up energy to work. The boat is not that big so all our belongings might not fit in the boat. My dreams are to do my occupation and earn money, so I won't need to suffer from hunger and thirst. Going to the new world might be a great adventure, because I can find lot's of wood and hand tools. So I can make lot's of fine furniture to sell to the customers. I am moving to the new world to find a better place to live. Better shelter, enough food and water to survive, and also for more freedom. For me to survive I will have to bring enough food and water, but I may not have enough for such a long journey. I will also bring some of my hand tools for making furniture's and other things made of wood. I think it will be a interesting journey for me.

One month past,on the journey. I felt like I was on the ship for 10 years. I was really home sick. All I do is eat then sleep, it's just so boring. But even it is boring on the ship, it may be a wonderful place in the new world. I tried to stand this long and boring trip. When I was about to go back to my small cabin, the captain called out we are going to stop at a Island, and stay there for 2 months. Then sail again. I thought I was going to faint. 2 months!! Then we will get to the new world 2months late. But actually staying on a island might be fun. 1 week past on the Island. It was a little better than staying on a ship. It wasn't as small as the ship. So we weren't squished together,and instead of our cabin we can have open air space. But one sunny day, we saw a sight of solders marching toward us. They looked like they were going to attack us. So we all rushed to the ship, and the ship sailed off straight away. I couldn't believe they came to a Island just to attack us. I was a little bit scared. Or very scared. But I was a little bit happy because we could get to the new world faster. We were going to continue are journey, so far are 1 month journey was fun and a little scary.

I was really bored. I was having a nap. I opened my right eye, then suddenly I couldn't believe my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked at it carefully. It was land, finally land!!!I woke up all my cabin mates, they didn't believe me at first but when they really did they were jumping up and down with jubilation. When we looked at our map, we were at the new world. When the ship stopped a I jumped out of the ship. It was full with people, and there were a lot of things I never ever saw before. It was amazing. I never so a place before in my whole life. Because I was working all day long. I didn't even get to see the real world. I was so happy I started to cry. I was so curious about all the shops and every thing that I saw with my eyes.

I was at the new world for3 weeks. So far I am having a lot of fun. I can get more fine wood. And they have more fine hand tools. So I can make more money for the furniture I make. I didn't have to be under control like in the old world, and I had a little bit more food plenty for me to eat. I had time to look around the town, that was the best part. But I also had to be careful too. Because it doesn't mean I am are safe in the new world. I couldn't wander in to the crowd whenever I wanted too. It was more interesting than the old world so I was really happy. I didn't have to work all day. Working here was more fun than in the old world. The tools were more useful and was easy to use. And the wood was more straight and small peices didn't hang from it so it was really easy to make into furnitures.

We met the natives. At first we were very nervous. They might actually do something to us. Because they were really different to us so we didn't know a thing about them. But they seemed really nice too. I didn't know why. We couldn't talk to them they didn't understand us. We didn't know what to do. I stepped out of the group and tried to talk with the natives. They were replying in a certain language, but I had know idea what they were talking about. I was really nervous. The other people on the ship with me was trying to talk to the natives too. They were using there body to ask them where they came from. Like this we kept on doing conversations back and forth. Finally they understanded us. Actually they weren't so bad after all. But the natives looked strange to us. They had gun's and lot's of other things I never saw or used before.

So far the life in the colony was good. I can use hand tools I never ever used before. It was really cool. I got more tools so I can make more fine and strong furniture. And people buy it with more money than the old world. I get to meet a lot o people, and it is also very fun working too. While I am working sometimes when I run out of things i can go and buy them straight away. I don't have to be controlled all the time. I can work with other people like Tailor's to like share things and work together. In the old world we couldn't even have time to rest. I made lot's of money for my fine furniture, using all my hand tools. But I feel a little danger coming toward are country.

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